Toward a Universal Conspiracy Theory……..

This may be the most unusual tale I have ever heard, but I am going to repeat it for you because it’s just too interesting to ignore and let it go. It deserves at least, to be considered. I hesitate to tell this story for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the potential for negative publicity, but I am going to make it plain and let everyone judge for themselves. A long time friend - someone that I have come to know well and trust, told it to me – actually we've had had multiple discussions about it over the years, and even though it’s a bit hard to believe, I am going to tell you all I know. The story begins some years ago, when on the passing of his father, my friend took over a privately owned manufacturing plant that he inherited. It was run by a long time associate of his father’s, a most unusual character known to all his friends and co-workers simply as “Uncle Ray”.

Who was "Uncle Ray"?

Just Who Was "Uncle Ray"?
Uncle Ray was both gregarious and brilliant. He had a biting and sarcastic sense of humor – overwhelmingly funny, but at the same time he was often hard to fathom. He seemed genuinely friendly, but in some ways his humor was like a wall or a mask. He was easy to talk with, but at the same time he definitely had an air of inscrutability – it was difficult to “read him” or gauge his thoughts and emotions. My friend once told me that Uncle Ray was like a strange cross between Don Rickles and James Bond. He was spry and unusually healthy and fit for his age – even in his late 80s, he looked and acted like he was only about 65. Previous to his father’s passing, my friend had only met Ray on a few occasions and knew little of him. However, because Uncle Ray had run this plant for years, and my friend knew only a little about its operations, he was more or less forced to work with Ray when his dad died. Although at first my friend thought Ray was simply a curious but mostly harmless kook, as time passed he found that he was often very impressed by his accomplishments. The plant workers had excellent morale because Uncle Ray always seemed to be able to “make things work” – from getting union workers to happily cooperate in the manufacturing plant to controlling and keeping down production costs – he made it happen with humor and skill. The employees genuinely liked him and he just had an unusual knack for getting along with other people and getting the best out of them.

Over the several years they cooperated in operating the plant, my friend slowly got to know him better and they grew close, much as Ray had been with my friend’s father before he passed. In spite of his first impressions, over time, Ray became both a friend and mentor to my friend, almost like a father figure. Ray was a single man and always involved in some sort of esoteric research, chasing obscure knowledge and odd bits of information, pouring through piles of newspapers, books and magazines. He was an encyclopedia of obscure information and always seemed to have a very strange explanation for things, but my friend found it was hard to dispute his views. Uncle Ray had his own unique “history of the world” as my friend called it. At first, my friend was extremely skeptical of Uncle Ray’s odd “conspiracy teachings” but Ray was a brilliant man and his tales clearly fit the facts of history – sometimes better than the more orthodox and accepted versions of history fit them. Additionally, Uncle Ray never described any conspiracy as perpetrated against himself, as so many conspiracy theorists tend to do, but his theories were always considered in the light of how these events affected all of humanity.

Uncle Ray had stayed in college through WWII, graduating with doctoral degree in physics in 1945. He was a very bright guy, and he had done quite well in school – on graduation, he was recognized as being among the best young minds in his field. Like many men of his time, he longed for adventure, but he had missed the majority of the Great War because he chose to stay in college. The US government hired him right out of school, and while he began his work in military research, the war came to an end only a few months later. Little did he realize that in spite of missing the war, he was destined to see more bizarre sights and experience more adventure than he could possibly imagine. He continued in a military research role for a time, but not long afterward he was transferred to the new secret government service agency (the CIA), where he was assigned as a special personal assistant to Roscoe Henry Hillenkoetter, first Director of the CIA, in the late 1940s. His assignment was to represent Mr. Hillenkoetter on a special, secret project known as Majestic–12.Ray has recently passed on (which is a quite a tale in itself). While so much of what he said seems to ring true - I still wonder, and I am still skeptical. He told my friend the most bizarre and amazing stories that I am compelled to repeat them here just as Ray explained them to my friend. It is a “history of the world” that you have never heard before:

A Unique View of History:
The core of Uncle Ray’s strange version of history was that interplanetary aliens (outsiders) of various races have visited earth periodically for more than one hundred thousand years - since long before the dawn of human civilization – up to and including the present. In many ways, it reminded my friend of the old book “Chariots of the Gods”. A number of races are capable of near light speed travel and through the benefits of time dilation they are able to achieve interplanetary travel in a reasonable amount of time (at least to the perspective of the traveler). The aliens have long used the Earth as a rest spot, a source of water and other supplies like fresh fruit. Rarely some raw elements are collected for ship maintenance or repairs as well. They do not harvest human body parts, gemstones, or gold and silver ores. For the other residents of our galaxy, Earth is a beautiful little globe, a real garden spot, and a place that just naturally attracts visitors. Historically, such visits are infrequent and periodic, but they do happen. There have been many alien cultures that have visited over the years, but they have reasonable and peaceful intentions. They are more mature races and not the dark lords of conquest, fearfully featured in so many science fiction novels or movies. The relations between these alien species are generally harmonious, but still some minor friction and competition occurs between the cultures because each has its own specialties and interests. They are races far more advanced than ours, species that are a more peaceful, mature and stable. Historically, they have agreed to adopt a hands off, minimal interference policy toward the residents of earth, but do provide some help. Over the centuries they have provided some small but significant assistance, helping humanity by providing knowledge of things like mathematics, cultural practices for sanitation and agriculture. From the hands of these kindly aliens, humanity has received gentile guidance and assistance from many different races. For many millennia, Earth has been viewed by these visitors as the home of a Child-race that was slowly growing and maturing, with the eventual goal being that humanity would someday to join the ranks of these more mature species living among the stars. The aliens viewed their gentle help as payment to mankind for their use of earth as a rest and supply stop. All of this went quite smoothly until about 75 years ago.

The great cultures of earth – the Chinese, Egyptians, the Babylonians, Persians, Greeks and Romans – All achieved their greatness with some degree of help from these “ancient astronauts”. Some were helped knowingly and directly, but others, never having any direct contact, were helped in an indirect way. Still they were all helped through the temporary visits of the outsiders over a long period of time. Much of the help was subtle and done without fanfare, therefore leaving little in the way of records. In spite of the fact that so many civilizations were helped in one way or another through their contacts, most of the information and details of any direct or indirect help has long been lost into the mists of history. However, a few historical records remain.


Cave Drawing Depicting Ancient Astronaut Visitors


Ancient Depiction of Dagon, the Cradle of Civilization Fish god

The Teachings of the Dagon:
According to Ray, among the earliest and most frequent visitors to our planet were the Dagon. Although human like in some appearances, they are a race capable of breathing underwater using gill-like organs. Additionally because their skin has a smooth “scale-like” quality, they have been seen by humans as “fish people” or “fish-gods”. They have a special interest and concern for cultural foundations and provided mankind significant assistance early in our history. Like nearly all early records of outsider contact, the records of many of the Dagon contacts with early civilizations are lost in the mists of ancient history, yet still enough factual information remains to confirm some of the many contributions of the Dagon to humanity. Here are a few of the best documented ones:

   i.            In ancient Sumerian mythology, it is said that the Orrannes Fish people came out of the sea and delivered the arts of civilization to mankind through the Sumerians. These “arts” included organized agricultural practices, mathematics and the development of a written language.

 ii.            The Dogu of Japan are small figurines, many of which have an appearance similar to astronauts or other aliens.

iii.            The Dogon People of Mali, Africa keep a tribal record of alien contact with intelligent fish-people who helped then and gave them information and knowledge about the stars and the universe which they preserved, but only now can this information be validated as true with our modern scientific instruments. Still the Dogon people have known these things for more than a thousand years.

iv.            Dagon the Fish-god was widely worshipped across the Middle East thousands of years ago. Dagon was worshipped by the Philistines, the Assyrians, and the Babylonians and is even mentioned in the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) as being worshipped by the peoples surrounding Israel. In the preface to his famous code of laws (the oldest one known), King Hammurabi, first King of Babylon, calls himself "the subduer of the settlements along the Euphrates with the help of Dagan, his creator". The Dagon encouraged and assisted in the development of this code – humanity’s first set of written laws. Two Assyrian kings incorporated the name of Dagon into their title Ishme-Dagan I (c. 1782–1742 BC) and Ishme-Dagan II (c. 1610–1594 BC).

 v.            Merovingian Kings and the Dagoberts:  The Merovingian dynasty of France owes its name to the legendary King Merovech, (meaning “from the sea”), leader of the Salian Franks. According to legend, Merovech was the son of queen Clodio's; but his father was a sea-god, bistea Neptuni, who was considered part fish. While it is highly unlikely that the Dagon actually fathered Merovich, the legend clearly points to their assistance and help in his coming to power.  Like the ancient Assyrian kings who took the name of Dagon, the last of this line of Merovingian kings were the Dagoberts, meaning perhaps Dagon-berthed – harking back to the visits of the Dagon that helped establish their line of kingship.

vi.            The basis of many ancient legends of men and women who could live under the sea, including mermen, mermaids and Neptune, King of the sea, all likely relate to historic sightings and contact with the Dagon. In all likelihood, the concept of Atlantis was first imagined and developed by men as the place beneath the waves where these “fish gods” lived.

According to Uncle Ray, there are a number of types of recent alien visitors including Reptoids, Greys ('Reticulians'), Mothman, and others – By agreement, they are supposed to follow requirements for stealth, and they do (mostly – but there are occasional problems resulting in sightings). Many of the famous old legends of cryptids – from mostly humanoid to some less human-like beings, including the Chupacabra, yeti and even “big foot” have their origins in historic alien sightings.

Uncle Ray claimed that the results of takeoffs, landing and other interactions were sometimes seen by human observers as unexplainable events, often termed “Fortean Phenomena”. Takeoffs can result in strange but extremely strong winds resulting in the skies raining down Fish or Frogs that have been scooped up out of nearby bodies of water. Some races leave behind a small amount of materials on take off, and when found afterward, these are typically described as “star jelly” or space ooze.

For purposes of stealth and other reasons, an area of the Caribbean Sea with its turquoise waters and many small islands has historically been perhaps the most popular landing area for many of the alien races. Even Christopher Columbus and his crew sighted strange lights while sailing through this area more than 500 years ago, his comments being the earliest written record of UFO activity in this region. Because of the strange happenings there, this area has become known to us as the Bermuda Triangle.

Gathering Problems:
The interaction of the aliens occasionally visiting earth was all fairly stable and profitable for mankind for many thousands of years. The aliens were careful not to cause any significant environmental change or excessive cultural impacts by their visits, and they helped mankind move slowly along the path of increased knowledge, civilization and maturity as a species. Eventually however, as our knowledge and technology grew, mankind reached a point of danger in the late 1930s and early 1940s. Mankind was developing various types of extremely dangerous technologies and simultaneously a second worldwide war broke out. The aliens could see that man was approaching a serious danger of self annihilation, which would also of course destroy their beautiful way station on planet earth.  This great danger grew out of Mankind’s immaturity as a species, and the individual greed and arrogance of certain governmental officials and other cultural leaders.

Over the course of decades, the US government had acquired a handful of strange alien out-of-place artifacts (OOPA) accidently left on earth by aliens in the past.  These were items of technology that were not initially recognized by the finders as any particular known object, but were clearly seen as “not normal” or “not of this world”. They were collected by the government for further study, but little if any such progress was made. However, by the late 1930s, scientists were finally developing enough knowledge to start to understand and make use of some of them. Examples of the misuse of alien technology include Nikola Tesla’s work to develop a “death ray” particle beam and the tesla scope for extraterrestrial communications. The government had given Tesla some of the strange artifacts to investigate, and he had mixed success with them. The progress he did make resulted in a government seizure and classification of his property upon his death. Even more disturbing were the Philadelphia based cloaking experiments conducted by Dr. Franklin Reno in 1943. After some preliminary testing in his lab, a destroyer escort, the USS Eldridge, was fitted with some of the OOPA equipment at the naval yards in Philadelphia. The plan was to develop a technology that would change the tide of the world war. The first testing resulted in the Eldridge being rendered almost completely invisible, with some witnesses reporting a “greenish fog” in its place. Crew members however, complained of severe nausea afterwards. In a second test, the Eldridge not only became almost entirely invisible to the naked eye, but actually vanished from the area in a flash of blue light. The physiological effects of the experiment on the crew were profound: almost all of the crew became violently ill. Some were physically unaccounted for, and it was supposed that they simply “vanished”. Five of the crew became fused into the metal bulkhead or deck of the ship resulting in their immediate deaths. The tests were ended, but the potential for misuse was plain to the small number of aliens monitoring human activity on earth.

During this same time, humans developed and successfully detonated atomic-bombs (though without any OOPA assistance). These weapons created the threat of a widespread and uncontrolled nuclear war resulting self destruction and nuclear winter on earth, which would also ruin earth as a space port. Seeing a world wide war break out and realizing how things were degenerating on earth, several alien races begin to send robotic probes and scout ships to size up and keep a tighter track of the potential problems on earth. Arriving on earth in the early 1940s, these probes appeared as “bright silver or gold colored lights” that swarmed around airplanes, especially during fights. They were recognized by WWII soldiers and aircraft pilots as “foo fighters”. Some scout ships of a larger size than the probes with small alien crews also arrived and these were also termed “foo fighters” as well. The term UFO was not in popular use at this time.


Japanese Dogu statue, with the appearance of an ancient astronaut

King Merovech, (“from the sea”), Leader of the Salian Franks

USS Eldridge

Antikythera OOPA Device, Discovered in a Greek Shipwreck dating to about 150 BC


Grey Alien - Artist  Conception

The Coming of the Grey Legion:
By the late 1930s, the aliens realized that humanity had become a “dangerous child-race” that was in need of significant help. The aliens made plans to provide humanity with the shepherding of an active, full time overseer to assist us through a very self-destructive phase in our growth. Apparently this “danger period” is a fairly normal step in the evolution of many species. The aliens had been a number of years in organizing their forces and getting here, so as result the most significant changes for humanity began in earnest during late 1946. The arrival of the initial first few ships of the “Grey Legion” occurred in Dec 1946, with a much larger contingent arriving June 1947. A second large wave arrived in 1952, bringing their strength in our solar system to several thousand individuals. Each of these waves of arrivals resulted in very significant spikes in reported UFO sightings worldwide.

During the advent of the Greys in late 1946 / 1947 they initially remained disguised and cloaked. At that time it was planned that they would keep their operations hidden and work behind the scenes for many years, only coming forward at some time in the distant future when humanity was “ready” to know of the community of aliens travelling in their neighborhood.  As the Greys were in the process of arriving and getting established, the numbers of UFO sightings shot through the roof. On June 24, 1947, while flying near Mt. Rainer, Washington, Kenneth Arnold claimed to have seen nine unusual objects flying in the skies. Shortly afterward, sightings were made in every state of the US but Montana. In fact, at least several hundred reports of similar sightings flooded in from the U.S. and around the world — most of which described saucer-shaped objects. A sighting by a United Airlines crew of another nine, disk-like objects over Idaho on July 4 probably garnered more newspaper coverage than Arnold's original sighting, and opened the floodgates of media coverage in the days to follow.

Only a matter of days after these sightings, on July 8, 1947 in Roswell, NM – a small scout ship of the Greys crash landed, scattering the technology of an alien ship across the desert. This event changed everything for humanity as well as the Greys. The aliens were killed in the crash, but their bodies were easily recovered. President Truman and the top levels of the US government were shocked to be confronted by undeniable evidence of actual aliens operating on earth. The similarity of the technology of the alien craft with the OOPA items experimented up on by Tesla and Reno were recognized and the concept of regular alien visits began to dawn on the government. It was hoped that this small scout ship was either friendly or exploratory and not part of some invading force, but with the proliferation of UFO sightings that had taken place in recent weeks, they were racked with fear. Realizing the potential for total chaos among the populace, a gigantic public cover-up began. To calm rising public concerns, this and other cases were debunked by the military in succeeding days as mistaken sightings of “weather balloons”, “swamp gasses” or other normal objects or phenomena. The lid was slammed down on media reporting of these events, and without any reported outcome, these “odd events” faded from the public memory.

Within the US government things were diametrically different – in a matter of days, the secret group Majesty-12 was formed to deal with the reality of the situation and Uncle Ray, who was respected as a brilliant young scientist and was transferred to the M-12 project upon its formation. Ray was one of the first handful of men who made up the “staff” of M-12. The very existence of the organization was made one of the country’s highest and most protected secrets. One of Ray’s first M-12 assignments in early August of 1947 was to travel to Roswell, examine the spacecraft debris which had been stored in a military warehouse and supervise the autopsies of the two copses. The autopsies were performed by mortician Glenn Dennis. Dennis publically described his involvement with that alien autopsy in 1989.

With the US government racked by fear and seeing that their presence was clearly known, the Greys decided they could no longer remain in hiding for an extended period. Planned human contact schedules for the Greys had to be accelerated because of the Roswell incident. Contact was made, and the last day of September 1947 saw the first formal contact with the Grey aliens. This was the beginning of fulltime “oversight and advisement” by the Greys. They presented themselves to the government officials in a peaceful, helpful and non-threatening manner, allowing that Earth’s governments were fully free to govern the populace, just as they always had. They explained that the purpose of their presence was merely to advise, assist and observe. The first of several treaties of peaceful mutual cooperation were signed at that time. In the same time frame, they contacted representatives of the USSR, and equivalent Soviet treaties were also signed. The Greys maintained the duality of eastern and western forces for better control and the maximizing of a stable “status quo” situation. However, both the Greys and world government leaders agreed that it was best that the populace as a whole should not know of their presence at the present time, because it would lead to chaos and misunderstandings, and especially that their presence would be a major distraction to the governments and peoples of Earth. As a result, the cooperative cover-up efforts which were begun in those initial chaotic days after the Roswell crash still continue to the present time.

The Greys were selected by their alien peers as overseers for Earth because their qualifications made them the best choice. They were a good fit for earth because of their telepathic abilities, general humanoid form, and comparativly nearby home world. Although the Greys have the lead in overseeing the nations of earth, the events of the last 75 years have also attracted additional visits from various other alien species, wanting to look in on matters here, resulting in greatly increased numbers of UFO sightings beginning in the 1950s. As a part of the joint cover-up, the Greys typically attempt to telepathically alter or erase memories of any visual contact in those who accidently come upon them. The results are mostly good, but memories are complex structures and the results are sometimes imperfect. The remnants of the process can cause dreams, subconscious memories, including memories recoverable through hypnosis, etc. When such altered memories do remain, because the aliens are subconsciously seen as “reaching into” the individual, the telepathically altered memories are often remembered as some form of abduction and / or surgeries.  This is the cause of the alien abduction and probe memories that are sometimes heard.

The US offered peaceful governmental cooperation with the Greys, and the government’s interactions with the aliens were focused through the continued operations of the M-12 group. The agency established agents and other staff to assist the aliens in the cover-up, these agents sometimes are characterized in media and other publications as the “Men In Black”, though their work is nothing like the comedic adventures portrayed in the movie. Area 51 at Groom Lake in southern Nevada was established as the US facility for the storage, examination, and reverse engineering of crashed alien spacecraft (including material recovered at Roswell). This includes the study of the aliens, and the manufacture of new products based on alien technology. The Greys collected up as much of the old OOPA alien technology as they could and the US agreed to cooperate in the effort in exchange for technology development assistance. Cooperative technology development with the Greys for peaceful uses began here, and Greys are regularly present onsite at area 51. The Russians maintain their own similar facility for cooperative alien technology research and working with the Greys at Kapustin Yar. The US facility has generally been more productive of the two because of its emphasis on developing both civilian and military uses rather than military only as has been the case for most of the life of the Kapustin Yar facility.

Beginning in the late 40s the US government has maintained a dual position on the matter – knowledge of a private direct contact with the aliens among a trusted few, while cultivating a program of public disinformation to populace at large. Starting in 1947 and 48, the secret efforts at public misinformation include “project sign”; project Grudge and Project blue book. Uncle Ray also indicated that Vandenberg dismantled Project Sign after they wrote their extraterrestrial hypothesis conclusion supporting the existence of UFOs.  The point of these and similar operations was a program of intentional disinformation to debunk reports and diffuse gathering UFO talk in the media and by the public.

The Greys control things by subtle methods – they nearly always use influence rather than direct control, including subtle manipulations behind the scenes. They are the planet’s ultimate high power lobbyists. Direct interaction occurs only with the US, Russian and Chinese governments, and then only as the Greys deem necessary. Their influence is spread principally using Governments, but also using the supposedly “independent” world media (TV, radio and newspapers), powerful individuals that can be influenced like George Soros. They make use of influence wherever they deem it useful, at times employing certain various secret society groups: Freemasons, Illuminati, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, etc. Occasionally, they will even use even less savory groups such as the Ordo Templi Orientis (Order of Oriental Templars) and the RBN (Russian Business Network). Rarely they will use direct mind control on subjects, through their telepathic powers, but they shy away from this unless absolutely necessary. However when the rubber hits the road, they do what they need to influence things to maintain the peace. They do not normally take any active level of control because, in their view, in order to grow as a species we need to solve our own problems ourselves. In general they provide only guidance. They know that too much help is not beneficial – we would not be strong enough ourselves to handle the challenges we will face as a species in the future. The Greys will use direct control, mind manipulation, and the direct force of their superior technology and power, only if it becomes absolutely necessary to prevent a complete disaster. If they ever decided they wanted to destroy us, they easily could, but instead they have chosen to protect the earth and us also. They see themselves as shepherds and advisors, not lords or masters.

The late 40s and 1950s were an extremely exciting time for Uncle Ray as a whole new world opened up around him with the advent of the Greys. On a number of occasions he had significant direct interaction with the aliens. The experience and the things he learned from the aliens profoundly changed him much as it did for Hammurabi, King Merovech and so many others down through the centuries. It was truly an enlightening experience for him. He poured himself into his work and found it fascinating beyond his wildest imaginations. He was directly involved in several additional treaties that were developed and signed, and Ray was witness to many new technologies that were adopted and implemented with the help of the aliens.


Foo Fighter Probes (Bright Lights)

Chupacabra, Artist's Conception


USA Intercontinental Nuclear Ballistic Missile

A Change in the Winds:
In the early 1960s, things slowly began to change and sour for him. It started during the Cuban Missile crisis, when Kennedy and Khrushchev began to lead the world down the very pathway to utter destruction that the Greys had come here to prevent. Ray was on the inside and knew how very close we came to the brink of obliteration (though the Greys would have put a stop to it if necessary). At meetings with officials of the highest level, he loudly protested the game of nuclear self-annihilation “chicken” that was played out between the US and USSR at the time, but it was with little effect. Ray started to be seen by many in the top levels of the US government as “just too sympathetic” to the views of the aliens.

After the missile crisis, with Kennedy stoking the flames of a growing war in Vietnam, the Greys reached a point where they needed to take action to protect the peace. They had a hand in the removal and deaths of both Kennedy and Khrushchev – both were seen by the aliens as just way too dangerous. Ray was virtually certain the Greys were involved in the Kennedy assassination, although the Greys did not provide him with any concrete information on exactly what they did. Still, Uncle Ray refused to really do all he could to help the government when they wanted to gather information on the conspiracy and approach the Greys to protest their suspected involvement in the Kennedy assassination. Once again, Ray was seen by many in the new LBJ administration as “just too sympathetic” to the views of the aliens.  Ray admitted to my friend that while he didn’t know all the details of how they accomplished it, he had a fair idea, and knew that there were multiple shooters besides Oswald, and it was likely at least a few Greys were present at Dealey Plaza to oversee and control the events of that day.

Ray said that after their bad experiences with the headstrong and overly aggressive President Kennedy, the Greys began to strongly fan the flames of anti-war sentiment in the US to prevent further problems. Ray said that during the late 1960’s, they played the media like a musical instrument in the hands of an expert - it was amazing how they could influence and change public opinion by pulling a few strings from behind the scenes. There was little question that the Greys had considerable success molding the output of the press along those lines, shaping the behavior of easily influenced young people and putting an end to the Vietnam war without allowing it to spread and become yet another world war. By the late 1960s, Ray began to tire of arrogant, self-centered politicians who had no real interest in peace and stuffed shirt bureaucrats that only wanted to kiss up to the politicians so they could advance their careers. Ray was no longer the newest, brightest young kid on the block and he slowly began to feel trapped by the requirements and limitations of government service. In early 1968, not long after Nixon was inaugurated, he could see that nothing was really changed in the election of a new president, so Ray left the government service and “disappeared” for a time.  Ray said that when he left the government, he felt that he was in a position where there was not much more he could constructively add to the process. While he could never get Ray to admit it, my friend thought that during his disappearance Uncle Ray spent the majority of that time living among the Greys as a guest. After about a year, he “re-appeared” on the scene and shortly afterward went to work for my friend’s father. My friend always thought that Uncle Ray had been close to his father for many years prior to leaving the government service, but Ray was always mum about those ties whenever he was asked about them.

The Greys have given humanity some very significant modern technology assistance, especially in the development of transistors, integrated circuits and space travel. (Ray always said that yes, we really did go to the moon, but there is no possible way it could have been done without the aliens help.) On the other hand, aliens also sometimes suppress the development of technology they think would lead to problems that we would have a difficult time dealing with - a great example of this is the continued floundering of the development of Cold Fusion as an important power source. It was Ray’s view that “We all need each other – we are sharing space ship earth, and the planet is very much worth protecting.” There are plenty of people who would lead us down a path of violence and destruction, from individual criminals on the street to corrupt and power hungry politicians. Ray greatly valued the peaceful teachings he learned from the Greys and felt they were well worth listening to. That peaceful self confidence was reflected in the type of man Ray was.

Ray's Serious Warnings:
In general, Ray was calm and worried about very little, but he repeatedly warned my friend to beware of the Russian Cyber mafia (also known as the RBN or Russian Business Network). The group was formed by young men who covertly banded together, split off of the body of the Russian government they worked for, and began to use their knowledge of extraterrestrial life and special technology to further their own purposes. They still have close ties to the Russian Government. They know the truth, Ray said, and know how to manipulate the current world situation. While they know they cannot openly wage war, because the Greys would put a stop to it, they have learned to greatly manipulate technology to their power and profit. 

They are wealthy and want to continue to wreck or “game” the system for money and power. It is estimated that they have their hand in roughly 60% of all cyber crime, worldwide. Ray warned to especially beware their ruthless founder and shadowy leader of the organization, known only as the 'Flyman', He is related to a "powerful and well-connected" Russian politician and virtually untouchable by the law anywhere in the world. Ray believed that his nickname was given to him based on the extended time this leader had spent in space with aliens, and not necessarily the Greys. There are many dangers of Alien technology misuse, but perhaps the worst is to corrupt the world economy for personal power and wealth. Uncle Ray suspected that they might have connections with another alien race, one perhaps working at cross purposes to the Greys in some way. He also suspected that through this alien contact the RBN members may have developed some sort of technology that makes them at least partly immune to mind control by the Greys. My friend had no idea how he arrived at these conclusions.

President Kennedy in Texas, just before the Assassination




Top Secret Majestic 12 document

Some Final Thoughts on Uncle Ray and his Views:
Who knows if any of this is true – it is by far the strangest tale I have ever heard. It is very interesting, but more than just a little bizarre. Ray told my friend he never wanted to go public with this because without the government backing up his story, or one of the Greys standing beside him while he spoke, he would just appear like a kook. No one would believe his story, so why attract attention only to be laughed at? My friend believes that Ray agreed with the aliens that humanity as a whole was not ready to know of their existence. Ray had the self-confidence to life his life fully, and do what he thought was best for mankind, even if he was one of very few who knew the real truth. I have made some efforts trying to independently evaluate the truth of this tale, and I find that I am simply unable to confirm anything. Was Ray a kook with a strange fictional background story? He would not be the first to imagine such things. On the other hand, my friend knew him for years and considered him a very bright and seemingly stable man. He was someone who was able to work with and get along with all sorts of diverse types of people. He was certainly not an obvious mental case. Yet in the end, I cannot even confirm with certainty that “Ray or Raymond” was his real name. The government for years has steadfastly denied the existence of the Majestic–12 or M-12 organization. While many documents have been leaked to the public, the Government claims that all the evidence ever presented to support M-12’s existence is simply fraud.

On the other hand, Ray’s experiences do seem to explain a lot of things. They resolve, as an example, the difficulties of Fermi’s Paradox: Because earth revolves around a star that is one of billions upon billions of stars, even if our solar system is “one in a million” – there still should be many other sentient species of individuals out there. Fermi’s Paradox is the conundrum of “where is everybody?” Ray’s answer would be that indeed they are here, but you can’t see them – they are hiding themselves for the general good of our populace. After hearing Rays’s weaving of these various mysteries and conspiracies, my friend started to term Ray’s views as the “Universal Conspiracy Theory”, because it has tied together so many disparate and seemingly unrelated conspiratorial threads and thoughts. Ray was a brilliant man and firmly believed that many of the urban legends and other conspiracy tales we all hear have at least some core elements of truth somewhere in their foundation. That is how the title of this paper came to be what it is.

The Absolute Anonymity of My Friend:
It is no accident that I have not specified my friend’s name nor Uncle Ray’s last name – those omissions were completely intentional. My friend is very adamant about not wanting contact or hounding – he does not wish to discuss the matter and no further detail or confirmation is possible. In the story above you already have everything we know. Because of this, I will not respond to any emails, and additional contact or questions about the story above are not welcome. I will not cooperate in any way with any researchers who contact me. I write this only to stimulate thought – perhaps some others have answers that could confirm or deny this story, but you will not find them through me. Besides, it is not my story, but my friends - and I have solemnly sworn to him that I will never reveal his identity. I do not wish to be contacted on this, nor does my friend, and Ray is no longer among the living. I am being very, very clear on this matter and I hope that you will honor and respect our wishes. In fact – I will tell you what will happen if you do somehow succeed in contacting me – I will tell you that the whole story is a fiction, a lie made up for the purposes of entertainment, a tale devoid of truth. That is how strongly I wish to protect the anonymity of my friend.

So after reading this you will likely ask yourself: Is it true or not? I have thought about that very question myself many times. It cannot be independently confirmed, so how do you make a decision in it? It might lead you to ask yourself what do you believe and exactly what do you base your beliefs on? It makes me think: “What is true and how can we know it?” We like to think that the truth lies in the direction that the evidence points, but there are lot of more subtle reasons why we believe what we believe. Most people actually take very little time to consider the nature of their “belief set” and think about why they believe what they believe. Fewer still make any serious effort at trying to be objective, in spite of the fact that objectivity is a very valuable skill. I like to trust in things that are observable, confirmable, repeatable and testable, and I have to admit that this tale is this is none of that. That’s something to think about when considering the truth of it. Being objective with this kind of thing is very hard to do – it kind of takes an upper story “leap of faith” to accept it. While faith may be that “conviction of things not seen”, Ray’s tale takes more than just a few spoonfuls of faith to swallow. It is a fact that large scale conspiracies are very hard to maintain and keep covered – especially over longer periods of time. Overall, I have to admit that in the end, I am highly skeptical of this matter, but I will leave the final judgment call to you.

I have a website, and while it’s not at all related to the story above, many people find it interesting. Take some time and check it out. The major topics covered include:

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